About the Author:

Steven Eric Romer was born in 1964 in Waukegan, Illinois. After a year there, he grew up in Fox River Grove IL, and moved to Crystal Lake, IL in 6th grade. He attended Graceland College in Lamoni Iowa for a couple of years, and later finished his undergraduate degree with honors in psychology at Illinois State University where he met his future wife Meagan. Around this time is also when he took up surfing on Lake Michigan. In 1990, he moved to Georgia and spent four years in the PhD program in Behavioral Neuroscience at Emory University in Atlanta. Meagan followed in 1992 after 2 years in a clinical psychology masters program in IL. In 1993, he and Meagan were married. Later, he transferred to the University of Memphis program in psychobiology to finish his dissertation work. In 1995, he left school to work on this book. In 1996, and in 1997 his two sons Elijah and Noah were born. In 1996, he began working for FedEx at the Memphis hub at night and taking care of his kids during the day. In 1998 the family moved to Knoxville, TN where Steve continued his work with FedEx at the Knoxville airport near the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains National Park. A lifelong dirt bike and motorcycle rider, he spent many days riding deep in the mountains of East Tennessee with the Volunteer riders on and off the road-a motorcyclists paradise. Steve also loves movies, writing, and reading. He finished most of the final work on this book in Knoxville. Also while in Knoxville, he traveled around the world presenting these ideas at various conferences preparing for the release of the book and met with his first successes. Steve loves to travel, and has traveled and surfed all over the world. This is his first book.

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