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The Textbook of the Universe: The Genetic Ascent to God

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322 Pages, 20 Illustrations, ISBN#1-59109-585-9, Just Published Mar. 2003

  • general description:
    Read the universe like a book... The holy grail of physics, the most basic unifying scientific principle of the universe is revealed. Amazingly, this is also a complete explanation of the true origin of all religions and an explanation of the origins of our experienced consciousness. The phenomenon of synchronicity is thoroughly explained, and a new systematic methodology with which to see these events clearly is presented. This unique book presents powerful evidence collected by the author over many years, and collected from other diverse sources, to show how all life has been working toward this point now in history for some very specific and logical reasons. We are about to move into a new way of viewing our world--an unprecedented revolution in thought. This book tears away the cobwebs from Western thought--allowing us to understand the most basic secret of all civilizations. The journey within this book is amazing. In this journey, we find out logocally, scientifically, and meaningfully who we really are, where we come from, and where we are going. One of the most amazing things in the book is that the Universe is shown to have meaning and symbolic qualities which can be read uncannily like a book. The universe shares specific literary qualities with our own human writing abilities. Foreshadowing, symbolism, themes, allegory, metaphor, analogy, plot, character devbelopment, all come from qualities originally inherent in the universe which humans have adapted to our own uses. We can now actually read who we are from the patterns of the universe. Totally original and amazing stuff.

    The author spent over 4 years at Emory University working toward his PhD in behavioral neuroscience. the book is well-written and scholarly, but written to be accessible to everyone. It brings together a panorama of research and ideas across vast spans of time to provide a unified, simplifying architecture to all of civilization--explaining the origin and purpose of human thought and consciousness in the process. If you are going to buy 1 book in your life, this is the ONE. This is an unprecedented revolution in thought.